Better managed liquid gold

Our Mission:

Precision Apiculture from Queen Breeding to Extraction.

We deliver the best commercial apicultural technology to manage queen bees, hives, apiaries and honey extraction - anywhere, anytime.

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Supporting beautiful creatures

At Bee Intelligence we are avid bee lovers. We love working on ways to help these beautiful creatures and have discovered our true calling - building intelligent tools to help maintain healthy bees while thriving in the apiculture industry.

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Bee App is a simple and robust software to capture and manage queen breeding, beekeeping, extraction and inventory data, helping you to improve your business. You can use Bee App from your smart phone and any modern browser.

When entering the field, you want your day to go as smoothly as possible. Bee App can help manage your hives, provide meaningful insights and is designed specifically for beekeepers, by beekeepers.

Bee App also helps you with queen breeding, hive inspections, apiary management, end to end extraction management, honey inventory and trading.

Bee App is built on modern technology, meaning it is future ready and can easily integrate with other platforms or sensory devices such as GPS or weather stations.


How Bee App helps you

Commercial Beekeeping

Identify profitable apiaries

Robust, reliable, simple, effective, offline and field tested

Never forget equipment for a site visit or lose your way again

Extraction Management

Digitise harvest declaration

Batch management and drumming that adapts to your way of operating

Automate syncing lab results

Keep customers informed

Reduce back office burden

Honey Trading

Track ownership of drums and manage transactions

Clear real time view of inventory, location and value

Visibility of buyers, sellers and past trades

Automate syncing lab results

Queen Breeding

Full visibility of the process from grafting to delivery

Track sales and predict inventory

Discover and implement changes to get more queen bees


March 2019

Bee App has revolutionised apiculture best practices. Gone are the days of not knowing what’s going on in the field or factory.