Meet the Bee Intelligence Team

Find out who we are and what makes us tick.

The Team

How it all began...

Erik first started thinking about apiculture technology in 2014 during a visit to beekeeper Dale’s operation in New Zealand’s beautiful Marlborough region. Erik immediately fell in love with bees and started learning about the industry. One morning over honey glazed bacon and eggs, Erik and Dale brainstormed how they could use software, data science and all kinds of technology to enhance Dale’s beekeeping activities.

Upon putting ideas to paper, Erik reached out to Christian. A few late night calls to Berlin later, where Christian is based, they began building the first prototype for Dale's business and BeeApp was "grafted"!

There have been many plates of bacon and eggs since. The product has evolved significantly and their passion for the industry is growing with each day. One unchanging fact is the team’s dedication and commitment to build an awesome company that helps our bees and the apiculture industry.