Inventory & Warehouse

BeeApp Module

This module keeps track of all of your drums and can automatically link to laboratory test results. It also includes a powerful warehouse mapping tool, which lets you easily locate every drum in your inventory.

Feature Highlights

Inventory Management

View detailed records of all drums, with powerful searching and filtering.

Perform bulk operations on drums, such as moving, changing purchase or sales details, printing labels, etc.

Easily track drum location and drum ownership over time.

Laboratory Integration

Automatically receive lab results from Analytica and Hill Labs directly into BeeApp.

Easily view lab results and forecasts for every drum.

Export lab results for selected drums.

Warehouse Map

See all your drums across multiple warehouses.

Easily identify drums you are interested in by using our advanced tagging system.

Move pallets or drums between warehouses with simple drag-and-drop.

Features in Detail

BeeApp's Inventory & Warehouse Module has many advanced features that will help you to optimise your business.

Feature List

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  • Bulk Import of Honey Drums
    • Archive external drums
    • Bulk import of honey drums
  • Drum Detail
    • Add new lab result references to drum or batch
    • Update drum details
    • View drum audit log
    • View drum details
    • View lab results
    • View related batches and blends
  • EasyAdd Inventory Bulk Tasks
    • Bulk preparation for customer order (warehouse location, ED details, lab results)
    • Bulk print drum labels
    • Bulk update of drum details, including (sales status, purchase details, sales details, ownership, tags, location, ED details)
  • Eligibility Document (MPI ED) Support
    • Record ED details for inter-site drum transfer
    • Record ED details of incoming drums
    • Record ED details of outgoing drums
    • View and search ED details
  • Honey Blending
    • Archive blends
    • Create new blend batches and drums with full traceability
    • Create, view and update honey blend jobs/scenarios
    • Link one or more source honey drums and define how much honey is taken from each
  • Laboratory Results
    • Automatic lab result import from Analytica
    • Automatic lab result import from Hill Labs
    • Automatic weekly lab result import from Analytica
    • Lab result export
    • Lab results recorded and analysed against batch and/or drum
  • Location (Advanced) - Warehouse Map
    • Move drums and pallets between different warehouses
    • Visual drag & drop interface to move drums and pallets
  • Location (Basic)
    • Record current physical storage location
    • View history of previous storage locations
  • Ownership
    • Assign drum owner to one or multiple drums
    • View drum ownership (current and historic)
  • Powerful Inventory All-in-one Table View
    • Create free text tags flexible to your needs
    • Sort, search, filter
    • Chose which columns are visible - hide what is not relevant
  • Purchasing
    • Create and view purchase details (invoice reference, supplier, kg-price, ED)
    • Integration with external accounting software (Xero/MYOB)
  • Sales
    • Create and view sales details (invoice reference, customer, kg-price, ED)
    • Integration with external accounting software (Xero/MYOB)