BeeApp was recently featured in the Apiarist’s Advocates’ October 2019 Issue.

The team loves showing off the technology we’ve built. The in depth coverage and research done of our offering by the journalists at the Apiarist’s Advocate was of exceptionally high quality, just like our technology!

Always encouraging to get publicity from an organisation so involved in the beekeeping world. And it was fantastic to have Hayden the General Manager from Extraction Greytown talk about the impact BeeApp has had on his business.

Hayden Forklift
Hayden in action!

Out favourite quote from him was:

“We have had a few times we have said ‘can we do this differently?’ and these guys take that on board and make the changes that need to be made,”

Hayden Moore, General Manager of Extraction Greytown

We’ve said it before but our number one focus is on our customers. Your business is unique and we’ve created our products to support the uniqueness of each different beekeeping company. The BeeApp’s product team has built technology that will work for any beekeeping business. Our technology works like building blocks. There’s 3 steps we take to get the solution your business needs:

  • Listen and understand your business to see what parts of our technology to start with.
  • Involve everyone who’ll have to use the technology on a day to day basis - if it doesn’t work for the team on the ground it doesn’t work full stop.
  • Bring all of it together so that BeeApp delivers for your systems and workflows.

This sets the foundation for long and mutually prosperous relationship.

Head to our contact page to begin a conversation about what your beekeeping business needs.

We’ll leave you with this quote from the article:

We can only make sure we exist as a business if our customers love our products. The only way they will continue loving them is if they continuously improve,”

Erik Bast, CEO of BeeApp