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There are four parts of how we determine the investment required for our customers.


1. Software as a Service

BeeApp has flagship products across the apiculture value chain. Our offerings range from:

  • Commercial Beekeeping

  • Extraction

  • Warehousing

  • Inventory Management

  • Queen Breeding

  • Traceability

Depending on your needs we provide any combination of the above products. Every day we work on improving the impact each can have to your business. Our work on each is never done.

2. Bespoke Software

We know that all businesses in the honey production and adjacent industries are unique. Due to this variation, there are software needs that are also unique. Depending on the scope of the project we are able to supply specialist development and to work with our partners to deliver results.


3. Infrastructure

There is no margin in this for our company. What matters to us is that our clients are set up for success with our products. This process involves printers, wifi networks and any other infrastructure required. Our estimate is about $5,000.

4. Additional Support

BeeApp can provide direct support for your staff to ensure the entire team is able to leverage the product. Depending on what you need there are options for video conferencing, dedicated phone numbers and on the ground support from our product team.


Each of our customer’s needs are unique and we reflect this in the investment required.

Our philosophy is simple, we believe in long term partnerships. This means that each partner receives value from the partnership from the moment it begins and from every moment thereafter.

We work with each client to set up an agreement that incentivises both of our organisations to achieve genuine long term success.

We don’t charge a large amount up front and then once you have paid never look at how we are serving your business again. Our focus is on enabling you to achieve success, because we believe, if our clients are successful we will be too.

Long term, real impact and genuine partnerships are the foundations of our business.